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Circuit Court, Honolulu District Court, and the United States District Court are all within walking distance from our office.

Administrative Driverís License

Revocation Office

For Dui arrests only, this building handles the administrative hearings for driverís licensing. It is located at 2875 S. King St. in the University area. There is very limited parking here for the public and no nearby street parking so come early to ensure you get parking. In cases where there is overcrowding some double parking is allowed with the permission of the ADLRO staff.

Honolulu District Court

Honolulu District Court (Kauikeaouli Bldg) is located at 1111 Alakea St. in Honolulu. Cases handled here are usually for Misdemeanor criminal offenses, traffic matters, criminal DUI matters, some Family Court matters, and occasionally for felony trials. There is no public parking available at the courthouse. There is ample parking located at nearby office buildings for a fee. There is also metered street parking located Mauka of the courthouse on Queen Emma St. Come early to ensure you get a parking space.

  Ewa District Court

Ewa District Court is located at 870 4th St. in Pearl City. Ewa court handles similar cases as Honolulu District Court. There is free public parking available outside the courthouse but you must arrive early to ensure getting a spot. Otherwise you must find street parking which is also free.


(Windward District Court)

For Windward Misdemeanor and traffic-related matters, this court is located at 46-201 Kahuhipa St. in Kaneohe (next to City Mill). There is limited free public parking to the rear of the building and some street parking.

  Waianae District Court

  For Waianae arrests and traffic related matters, this courthouse is located at 87-1784 Farrington Hwy. in Waianae. There is ample free public parking here.

Wahiawa & Waialua District Court

For Wahiawa and North Shore misdemeanor and traffic-related matters, this courthouse is located at 1034 Kilani Ave. in Wahiawa. There is ample free public parking and free street parking in the area.

Circuit Court

Circuit Court  (Kaahumanu Hale) cases are usually for felony type charges and some Family Court matters. It is located at 777 Punchbowl St. in Honolulu. Circuit Court is located on the Diamond Head side of Punchbowl St. across from the Federal Building. There is some public parking available for a fee, and some metered street parking. If you are scheduled for court here please come early to ensure you find parking.

United States District Court 

(Federal Court)

For government (Federal) arrests, this building handles all government arrests. It is located at 300 Ala Moana Blvd.  Parking access is from Punchbowl St. across from Circuit Court. There is ample public parking and street parking available. 



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