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A police officer is usually quite busy on any given day.  Besides service calls, domestic violence, traffic matters, and alarm calls, they are sometimes called upon to make arrests.  When they do so, they will right a report to talk about the arrest and any witnesses.

Unfortunately, once the officer decides whom to arrest, they often craft their investigation to support their conclusions.  We have learned that an independent investigation of the facts will sometimes lead to favorable evidence for our clients, or witnesses the police may have missed, or not included in their report.

Also, if there are favorable witnesses, it is very important to get a recorded statement from those individuals.  A lot of times they will forget over time, or they may want to change their story down the line, and can be impeached with their recorded statement.

Since a persons attorney should not be testifying at their client's trial, a former Honolulu Police Officer is employed full time at the firm.  He can talk with witnesses, take photo's, make diagrams, and testify in court.

With an in-house investigator, I don't have to rely only on the police version of events.



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