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Forgery can be charged as a felony or misdemeanor, with between 1 and 10 years maximum jail depending in the type of item alleged to have been forged. If you have no prior record, you may be able to have these charges wiped from your record, even if it is a felony and even if you think you are guilty.

We have represented numerous people for this type of offense. We have noticed that most of the time, when the government makes these charges they are doing so because it is alleged that someone’s personal check has been forged and cashed somewhere. We have also noticed that people who do engage in this type of conduct usually do so because of some type of underlying problems, such as the use of drugs. If this is the case here, you may be able to enter into Hawaii’s Drug Court program and have the charges wiped from your record in a couple of years upon successfully completing the program.


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