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Drug Court


Years ago the federal government declared war on drugs.  As a result millions of dollars have been seized from suspected drug dealers.  Hawaii has also made its own special drug laws.  As an example, any quantity of “ice” possession calls for a mandatory jail term.

A lot of this money has been funneled back to local law enforcement and treatment programs.  Honolulu’s “Drug Court” is one of the programs developed locally for treatment and rehabilitation of drug offenders.

With this program, persons who qualify are placed under close supervision for about 18 months.  If the person can stay clean during that time, their drug arrest and conviction is wiped clean.  If not, they are convicted and sentenced.  This program is available even to persons arrested for “ice” or crystal methamphetamine, which calls for a mandatory jail term. 

This means those caught with “ice” may be able to stay out of jail if they can meet the programs requirements.  However, just because it is a good way to get out of drug charges, it is by no means a walk in the park.  There are very high entry and maintenance standards, and room is limited.

Even if a person does not qualify for a special program, there may be other legal means to keep them from jail.



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